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It's the new, easy way to save on any item or product!
If you want to save money, you've come to the right place! E reverse bid is a worldwide online reverse auction marketplace available to anyone

Name Your Own Price -- the secret to savings!
The reverse bid a service that allows you to Name Start Price for a product that you desire to buy. As a result various sellers compete among themselves to meet and beat the price in order to sell you their product. At the end, the best bid wins and you save.

Step 1: Read our Terms and Conditions page

Step 2: Proceed to Register

Step 3: Make Payment through Credit Card
Payment is for use of the Site as a Platform for conducting the Bidding Process. The Supplier / Seller who posts the lowest bid is the ideal winner. The buyer has the right

Step 4: Receive your Login details on registered email id.
Step 5: Login at the site. Post products you wish to source.
Here you will describe the item that you would like to purchase. You name your Start Price (maximum that you are willing to pay) for the Product and its Delivery Schedule. You are welcome to attach Drawings / Images.

Step 6: Post your Company Terms & Conditions for the Bid.

Step 7: Invite your Suppliers to Compete in the Live Reverse Bidding.

Step 8: Ensure all details requested from Suppliers and Terms are met prior to bidding.

Step 9: Ideally the Better Bidder Wins. However you have the Right to decide.
The Supplier / Seller who posts the lowest bid is the ideal winner. The buyer has the right to cancel a transaction with any user they are uncomfortable completing a transaction.

Step 10: You the Buyer Company Contacts the Best/Winning Supplier of the bid.

Step 11:You the Buyer finalize the Contract with Supplier / Seller
At this stage, the buyer will make the contract mentioning terms of the contract in providing the payment to the seller in order to complete the transaction.