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Supplier receives Invite from Company to participate in Bid

Supplier downloads documents uploaded by the Company in partial requirement for participating in the bid.

Supplier studies Terms of Engagement, Delivery Schedule, Drawings of Products for which he intends to bid, and prepares the quote

Supplier uploads all downloaded documents after having them stamped and signed in acknowledgement of having understood and accepted the Terms, Schedules, Products etc. issued by the inviting Company.

Supplier submits EMD / BG if / as required, thereby complying with all Terms.

Supplier seeks clarification from Company if any unclear requirement / details persist.

Supplier ensures all is in order and he has received Approval to Bid a few days before the live bid date.

24 hours before Bid date the system is shut and only at the appointed time will the site open for bidding.

On the announced time, Supplier enters his Bid Value, checks his Rank and attempts to better his bid and improve his ranking. Every Re Bid can be reduced by mentioned decrement value or more.

Once the allotted time is completed, based on Rank. Supplier can check with Company the way to proceed and complete the transaction.