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Why Us

The reverse bid sourcing will get you savings greater than expected

  • Higher Percentage Actual/Realized savings
  • Faster than using non-web based solutions
  • Effective at staving off cost increases
  • Quickly establishes marketplace competitiveness
  • Significantly increase competition
Product Highlights
  • Ensure savings are maximized
  • Works with any web-browser
  • Hosted on our secure and reliable servers
  • Real time viewing and analysis
  • Special bid check process
  • Total cost, unit price, and non-price factored bids
  • Time extensions possible
  • Multiple bid and lotting strategies
  • Integrated messaging
  • Integrated document management
  • Integrated project and participant tracking
  • 100% web-based. No IT support required
  • Very user friendly and easy to learn
  • No up front fees
  • Free of hidden costs
  • Advanced project and status tracking